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The vegetarian lifestyle helps to purify the mind, soul and heart.

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Shakti Synbiotic is the unique all-in-one formula providing everything you need.

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Raw sweets are healthy, rich of all enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

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We specialise in the manufacture and production of awesome vegetarian samosas.

Welcome to Govinda's Yummies, the home of unique pure vegetarian products.

Our mission is to create the finest, most delicious and original delicacies for your enjoyment. All our products are made with love and devotion.


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A vegetarian diet has countless benefits. If you would like to read about the vedic philosophy, the law of karma, reincarnation, soul, and understand the most ancient knowledge, check out our recommendations. There are books let you discover the health and economic advantages, as well as the important ethical and spiritual considerations, of a Krishna conscious approach to diet and nutrition.