DMBJFL4271u2zSveta Findlay  –

Quantum Biofeedback Consultant, Holistic Therapist, Naturopath & Yogateacher

  • Health coaching
  • Gluten free, vegetarian cooking courses 
  • Gluten & sugar free products
  • Emotional Freedom techniques & Conscious Creation
  • Inner child therapy


energy2Based on the combination of the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine and the latest finding in the field of plant therapy, crystal therapy, homeopathy and bioresonance. Distribution of unique bioinformational natural herbal supplements from Europe. Are you interested?

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Indigo Bioresonance examination

Highly technological biofeedback examination, detoxification, stress & meridian block release, based on quantum physics. Indigo is the most modern biofeedback device. Communicating intelligently with the human body and have an insight and check your condition on the cellular level.


chackraIt utilises 15000 different frequencies, then analyses the individual responses. Indigo resets the body cells to their optimum resonance. Painless and non-invasive.

Targeting the root problem and checking the condition of the body on an energetic level. The device releases any blockages to the energy channels in the body. It analyses the biochemical and energetic procedures in the brain and nerve cells. It can also check the vibration of the organs and lift up the resonance of the weak organs.

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